Friday, June 8, 2012

Asus Gtx 680-Dc2t-2Gd5

Asus Gtx 680 Directcu II : coolest and quietest 28nm card

Cranked 143MHz over reference for an ultimate boost clock of 1201MHz

All new Directcu thermal design utilizes five all-copper heatpipes and 20% bigger dissipation area, achieving 20% cooler and 14dB quieter performance than reference

Acclaimed DIGI+ VRM with 10-phase Super Alloy Power technology delivers precise digital power and enhanced overclocking headroom.

VGA Hotwire allows you to plug and solder wires on the card’s voltage regulators and accurately read and control Vcore, Vmem, and PLL voltages on a hardware level

GPU Tweak utility helps you modify and tune boost clock, power target , and fan performance via an intuitive interface.


Direct cooling for 20% cooler than reference

If the GPU is the heart of a graphics card, then the cooling device would be its lungs. 

Without it, the graphics card would not be able to "breath" smoothly, causing it to break down or even cause the entire system to fail. 

For ultimate cooling, ASUS DirectCU thermal technology developed the ideal heat banishing copper in exclusively designed heat pipes for direct and fast heat dissipation.

Asus Directcu technology

Thick copper heatpipes are accurately positioned in direct contact with the GPU surface so heat is transported and dissipated efficiently to the heatsink - achieving a 20% cooler performance than reference. 

Since heat is carried away faster, fans can spin at a lower speed thus resulting in quieter performance than reference.


Graphics Engine NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
Bus Standard PCI Express 3.0
Video Memory GDDR5 2GB
Engine Clock GPU Boost Clock : 1201 MHz
GPU Base Clock : 1137 MHz
CUDA Core 1536
Memory Clock 6008 MHz ( GDDR5 )
Memory Interface 256-bit
Resolution DVI Max Resolution : 2560x1600
Interface DVI Output : Yes x 1 (DVI-I), Yes x 1 (DVI-D)
HDMI Output : Yes x 1 
Display Port : Yes x 1 (Regular DP)
Accessories 1 x Power cable
1 x Extended SLI cable
Software ASUS Utilities & Driver
ASUS Features DirectCU Series
TOP Series 
Super Alloy Power
Dimensions 11.8 " x 5.1 " x 2.3 " Inch

Note *To have the best cooling performance, Asus Gtx680-Dc2t-2gd5 extends the fansink to 2.5 slots. 

Please double check you Chassis and Motherboard dimension prior to purchase to make sure it fits in your system!

*Note that the actual boost clock will vary depending on actual system conditions. 

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