Monday, September 24, 2012

Mainboard and graphics card maker Msi has announced the release of the Gtx 650 power edition graphics card. 

According to the press release, the Msi Gtx 650 boasts a number of new features, such as the Msi power edition architecture, which provides overclocking support and transthermal cooling that allows better control over the temperature of the card. 

Msi also claims that the Gpu is built with Msi Military Class III components, which would give it high quality and stability. 

The card also allows users to install an extra fan to it for better cooling.

Msi''s Gtx 650 power edition is based on the Msi Power Edition architecture : support for Afterburner's Triple Overvoltage function, adjustable Gpu/ memory/ Pll voltages, completely liberating the graphic cards capacity, increasing overclockability by up to 27 percent. 

The new Pwm design strengthens power capability 33 percent more than the reference board maintaining stability during overclocking.

Msi Gtx 650 Power Edition features the TransThermal cooling design that allows users to tailor the fan setup to the outside environment. 

Double airflow mode uses a special mechanical design for attaching the fan to the existing heat sink module and increasing airflow to effectively reduce the Gpu temperature. 

The external fan can also be placed next to the existing module in the dual fan mode. 

The increased coverage improves cooling for the power supply module and components. 

The Gtx 650 Power Edition also comes with Msi's proprietary dust removal technology. 

The fan automatically runs in the reverse direction at start-up every time to remove dust and optimise cooling performance. 

Msi’s Propeller Blade technology supposedly increases airflow by 20 percent compared to conventional fans and also expands the cooling area. 

Effective temperature can be reduced by up to 9 degrees Celsius and noise levels can be reduced by up to 16.8dB.

The Msi Gtx 650 is made using Msi Military Class III materials. 

A third-party laboratory simulated the user environment and conducted seven rigorous tests on compliance with the Mil-Std-810g standard. 

Msi Gtx 650 power edition uses Tantalum Core Hi-c Cap and SFC can generate 30 percent more power. Solid state capacitors also have a service life of up to 10 years. 

The choice of materials reflects Msi's commitment to its products. 

Regardless of the overclocking or the gaming environment, MSI aims to provide consumers with a smooth and dependable environment.

The Gpu also has the latest drivers available on Nvidia’s website, which offers more optimisations for current-generation games. 

The driver update comes highly recommended for the upcoming games Borderlands 2, and the expansion pack to World of Warcraft.

Monday, September 17, 2012

What is coming in 2.013

The bulk of products that Advanced Micro Devices will be shipping in 2.013 will be made using 28nm process technology, according to plans for the year 2.013 that were disclosed at the company's Financial Analyst Day. 

AMD expects to roll-out three brand-new architectures next year : steamroller high-performance x86, Jaguar low-power x86 and Sea Islands family of graphics chips.

All product lineups that Amd promises to release next year will be substantially different from what is available today, hence, they will not be just product shrinks or refreshes. 

28nm process technology alone is likely to allow Amd to boost performance and feature-set of its chips without increasing power consumption compared to existing solutions that are made using 32nm or 40nm fabrication processes. 

Unfortunately, Amd did not disclose which of its 28nm chips will be made at Globalfoundries and which at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

The new Steamroller x86 high-performance cores will improve performance by boosting efficiency of execution and will also include design elements from low-power architectures to reduce power consumption. 

While it is unknown whether code-named Kaveri accelerated processing unit will turn the page for Amd in terms of x86 performance, the company hopes that further integration of x86 and stream processing architectures will boost overall user experience.

The forthcoming Jaguar low-power x86 architecture is expected to boost performance while trimming energy consumption, which will let Amd to better compete for tablets and similar devices. 

Thanks to thin process technology, Amd's code-named Kabini and Temash APUs will also integrate input/output capabilities, which will greatly simplify system design.

Finally, the code-named Sea Islands graphics processors promise to bring "major GPU architecture enhancements" and skyrocket performance for both graphics and computing.

What is a bit surprising is that a high-performance FX-class x86 chip featuring Steamroller cores is absent from the 2.013 plan, but the Steamroller will still become available with the code-named Kaveri accelerated processing unit. 

Apparently, Amd plans to continue selling its enthusiast-class FX chips code-named Vishera with Piledriver cores due to be introduced in 2.012 next year as well.